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A few FFX-related sites

Fundament Zero

Dr Mike's old site still hosts older releases of FFX 3, FFX 2.6 for the original Freedom Force game, plus the Strangers, Patriot City and Tales of the Navigator mods.

Freedom Force Forever

In addition to providing a home for FFX 3, CatWhoWalksByHimself's site also hosts the Liberty Bay mod, Spring Heeled Jack's Skinventory, Tommyboy's Meshes and the Mod Graveyard.

Freedom Fans

Irrational Games' official Freedom Force site. Currently in very deep coma.

Freedom Reborn

These forums are one of our main hanging spots. Great atmosphere, free tapas and a fine selection of ports. If you have any question or comment regarding FFX, this is the place to visit.

Freedom World

A Wiki for Freedom Force. A-Z info on FF. And if you know something which is not there, just add it.

EZ Script

A Wiki for EZ Script, containing tutorials, example files and more.