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Freedom Force X

created by Dr Mike and M25

Freedom Force X is an unofficial expansion pack to Irrational Games’ Freedom Force vs the Third Reich, and provides 200+ new character attributes and more than two dozens new attack types which can be purchased for custom characters or built-in characters for mod-makers. It also sports a much improved AI, a system to write your own missions in plain English, tools to help modders and various other goodies.

2012.01.01 Hacked… and cleaned

The site had been compromised by virus-injection code, but the issue is now solved. Sincerest apologies to those affected the problem.

Hopefully, the server's security hole in PHP which allowed the exploit in the first place has been patched. More importanty, Catwhowalksbyhimself (our generous host and FFX contributor) has separated the various subdomain accounts; this should improve security greatly and hopefully prevent this problem from happening again.

– Épiméthée

2008.08.18 FFX 3.3 Full Installer and v. Patch available

“New embossed 3-D cover in Prestige format!”

Thanks to the wonders of futuristic XXIth Century technology, the newest FFX is now available in an easy-to-use installer (again). The latest bug fixes are also included. If you already have a previous version of FFX 3.3 installed, the v. Patch is also available separately.

2008.08.06 FFX 3.3 with integrated Patch 3 released

“Together at last!”

The FFX 3.3 Update now includes the changes brought by the,, and patches, courtesy of the Download page.

2008.08.06 FFX 3.3 Patch 3 released

“Move along, there's nothing to see.”

A very minor fix: the previous versions didn't identify themselves correctly for those lovely script.log bug reports.

2008.08.05 FFX 3.3 Patch is released!

“Get the latest patch for FFX!”

2008.07.25 Entering… FFX 3.3!

“The latest update to FFX is released!”

2007.05.04 Entering… FFX 3.2!

“More than a year in the making!”

“Because you demanded it!”

“The beginning of a new era!”

“Introducing the new team of… CatWhoWalksByHimself! Épiméthée! M25! Stumpy! Taskmaster X! …and friends!”

Yes. The official release is, at long (long, long, long) last, ready. Have fun!

2007.04.15 The new site is up (up and away)!

…About time! The gold release of FFX 3.2 should be available in a couple weeks.


Previous releases of FFX 3, from

2006.02.05 FFX Squared 3.1 released!

My last hurrah - a few new experimental attributes released in an updater to FFX 3.0. See the Downloads page for details.

2005.06.21 FFX Squared 3.0 Bug Fix Patch version 2 released!

FFX-Squared 3.0 shipped with a few bugs - most of which have been addressed in a patch now. The main installer has been updated if you haven't got it yet, if you have a smaller patch is available that fixes the necessary files. See the Downloads page for details.

2005.06.08 FFX Squared 3.0 released!

FFX 3.0 is finally ready to go, and available on the Downloads page! Almost all the new attributes and powers from the original FFX, plus new and improved ones using the enhanced scripting system available in FFvTTR.

2005.06.01 FFX Squared 3.0 Due to be released soon!

Almost all the attributes and attack types from FFX V2.6, and new ones enabled by the scripting improvements in FFvTTR will be available very soon under the new game engine! To say nothing of the vastly improved Skirmish modes and scripted AI system by M25. Watch this space!

Check out the online manual for details of what you can expect!